Paring Back

March 22, 2016


I'm paring back...and moving forward!

For a long time I had an urge to embellish/applique/embroider everything I made in an attempt to make my clothes more interesting. And then, as one realises in life, the more you try to cover up, be different, be bigger etc...the more un-interesting things start to look. 

So I stopped with the extras and focused on the important things; like a dress that fits like a fucking glove. Or fabric that does all the talking. A jacket that you can wear with EVERYTHING. And that started working.

People noticed.

Then, like many excited young designers would do, I started to add to my collections; tops, jackets, coats, knitwear.

And then I started to lose my shit.

On a day-to-day basis, and with the exception of manufacturing, my business is run by me, myself, and I. At this point I don't have interns or an assistant (just Nariman and my mum on speed dial) and because I'm a loner, I kind of like it that way.

So trying to run a fashion label that provides all things to all people had been making me feel really crazy. I've been 'there' when I'm not really there, had too many crisis to count, and I think it cost me some relationships too.

Don't worry I'm not gonna pull a Raf and quit. I'm just changing what I make and doing more of what I love - which for me, is making dresses...

Fucking great dresses.

(and by dresses, I also mean skirts and matching crop tops)

Because when it gets down to it, life is too small to design things that are only half-good. I always said I'd never do that, but then I did and that's when I got a bit lost...

Of course, my spring/summer and fall/winter will have some coats and shirts and things in them, but after that, I'll be paring back to my version of the basics - dresses & skirts!

Just like my mum and my grandmother made before me.


They've steered me back to what I love most:

Dresses to knock yours and everyone elses socks off. Dresses no one will have, and everyone will want.


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May 11, 2016

I loved your article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Deshaw

Rose Wagner
Rose Wagner

March 24, 2016

Well, I’m so glad that you had a coat phase, as my 3 coats beautifully created by you are some of my best & most loved & worn purchases!
Now I’ll just have to get used to wearing dresses!
Keep on rocking it Eliza..

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