An Ode to Culottes

April 15, 2016


An Ode to Culottes

Feel cool. Look cool. Be cool,

Let your ankles breath,

Just look at these big pants go,

You can wear them with boots,

AND sneakers,

AND sandals, 

AND strappy high heels.

You can wear them with sweaters that give you good feels,

Or to work and then dinner,

And out for an evening stroll,


And wherever you wear them,

You will dance in your soul,

And bask in the goodness of a feeling so whole,


Because culottes, culottes,

You're so big and roomy,

That no matter the day,

You manage to woo me,


With you in my life,

I'll never get bored,

So if you fancy big pants,

Hop on board ;)

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