Jus d'Orange

October 13, 2015


It's kind of a wierd thing to be swooning over, let alone to dedicate an entire post to, but colours for me are like really beautiful men...

Once I see one I fancy, I CAN'T STOP STARING.

Colour psychologists say that orange relates to gut instincts (as opposed to mental or physical reactions), it's optimistic, rejuvenating, and also the most rejected and under-used colour of our time.

So what I'm getting at here is that I spent my entire Thanksgiving weekend trolling the internet for every great piece of fashion that was ever made in the colour ORANGE.

More importantly, I'm probably going to use this colour in my next collection. Fingers crossed...If I can find the right fabric. 

In the meantime, sink your teeth into the result of my weekend internet trolling with these yummy orange fashion photos...

Vintage orange

Leandra Medine in a maxi orange coat.

Orange couture

From my S/S 2013 collection

Sixites orange

Alexa Chung does 'It Girl' orange with some polka-dots

Lady Di in 'Lady Di' orange and a bow to top it all off.

Iris Apfel in orange fuzz

Yasmin Sewell in another maxi orange coat.

Orange and blue

Giovanna Battaglia making orange mucho sexy.

Orange fur and blue

Grimes is cool as usual in an orange cardi

Beatrix Ost accessorizes with orange

Rihanna in head to toe orange Kenzo

Orange on orange and denim

Couples orange

Anna Dello Russon in orange and a bloody good hat

Pinstripe orange

Mongolian fur orange

Caroline Issa in business appropriate orange

Iconic orange by Audrey Hepburn

Weekend goals in orange by Tom Ford

Quotes in orange



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