The S/S 2016 Lookbook

October 26, 2015


Spring/Summer 2016.

Here it is.

This was shot at the very beginning of August in Toronto by Justin Aranha - a very talented young photographer that works with Nariman J.

While designing this collection, I was looking a lot at vintage Laura Ashley clothing, reading up on the 1970's, and I was in the mood for sensuality and femininity.

You may remember these images from a few emails ago (they were the jumping off point for all of this...)

The designs changed a lot from these inital drawings (mostly due to time constraints, and things like moving). But mostly I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

So sit back, relax, enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments in the comments section.

In particular, I'd love if you said things like 

'I love the ____ dress, but I'd rather buy it in the colour ____'.

Or simply

'The ____ is my favourite'.

Your comments and suggestions help me make things you'll like more ;)

Okay, enjoy...

The Lola dress in denim

The Lola top in white linen

The Swing dress in tie dye

The Lola top in tie dye and Winnie skirt in denim

The Carmen top in white linen

The Carmen top and Burkley skirt in white linen

The Carmen dress

The Carmen top and Mega flares in black

The Elsie dress in black linen

The Jeannie dress in black and white check


The Vee dress in brick red linen

The Swing top in brick red linen and Yasmin denim culottes

The Vee top in brick red linen

The Swing top in black linen


The MotoBomb jacket in denim 

The MotoBomb jacket in denim and Yasmin culottes in dark denim

And last, but not least, the Nelly dress in what I am now going to refer to as #ElizaPink.

I made this the night before my show at Vancouver Fashion Week, and long after we did the photoshoot which is why it's not in the lookbook ;)

Thank you for reading!



2 Responses


October 27, 2015

Love the Vee top and dress in red—gorgeous! Also the Jeannie dress—those pockets!


October 27, 2015

I could see myself living in the Yasmin denim culottes and Lola top in white linen by day and the Carmen top and Mega flares in black by night.

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