Over Eat In Style

November 16, 2015


So that you can over eat this holiday season I developed two dresses to allow you the pleasure of eating just a little too much.

First world problems? Yeah, I know..

Firstly, we have the MILAH Dress.

She's been around for a while, but I didn't realise until I wore it to a wedding a couple of weeks ago just how glorious it was.

You see, I lined this baby with powermesh.


Powermesh is a super stretchy fabric that acts like Spanx except that it's sewn right into the dress.

The idea is that it sucks everything in just a little tighter ;)

Yup, it keeps your ass looking tight.

Secondly, is the TYG dress.

The Tyg silk slip dress is my personal fave. Mostly because I love to wear a lot of fabric, I like to move, and I frequently eat too much at parties (it's how I cope when I don't know what to say to people).

I've also always loved the idea of being that sexy girl in a slip dress, but thanks to hips, I couldn't do that whole bias-cut sheath thing quite like Kate Moss.

So for my version, I made it super roomy and added some gathers around the hip and bum area.

You are welcome ;)


And now, because we're on the topic of slip dresses, and for the sake of 1995, here are my favourite slip dresses of all time:

Courtney Love, obviously.

Emily Weiss smokin' in an LBD (this is a good style if you've got buns, hun)

Gwyneth Paltrow pre-Tracy Anderson Method, and still hot as hell.

Leandra Medine + big ass shoes and socks. YAS

Carrie. Need I say more?

Nicole Richie in a silver slip

Sophia Coppola. Dreamy.

Yasmin Sewell puts a sweater on it.

So does this lady.

Drew Barrymore in pink.

Major nineties vibes care of The Man Repeller

Emma in the Tyg dress with a little white tee. Sweet.

Me. Layered up for a day at the office/bed.


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