Christmas Perusals

December 16, 2015


Tis' the season, tis' the season!

I spend a lot of time trolling the 'net for fun imagery for my Instagram feed.

So naturally I've been googling things like 'vintage Christmas', 'pink christmas', and 'celeb Christmas'.

And by putting them all in one neat place like my blog, I feel less guilty about the hours I just spent perusing Tumblr

Here's the fruit of these recent perusals

Mostly it's celebrity related, vintage, or a boy-band.


Elizabeth Taylor unwraps

Justin Timberlake. Um, yes!

Jayne Mansfield in pink

Biebs in pink

Marilyn Monroe in pink

N'Sync really getting into it

Ms. Taylor again

JTT. Just yes!

Christmas through the lens of Slim Aarons <3

Spice Girls Christmas

The King himself.




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