Yes To The Dress

February 03, 2016


Ask me if I make wedding dresses, and the answer is almost always 'NO'.

I usually say no because it scares the hell out of me. The pressure too not
fuck-up someone's wedding dress is generally too much for me to handle.

But catch me on a good day, and you'll find I say 'YES'. 

So to make it official, here's a round-up of EF BRIDAL 2015...

Bobbi's Dress

As a wedding officiant and minister, Bobbi has witnessed many weddings.

 For her own ceremony, she wanted to keep it classic, clean, and simple.

We used the EDWINA dress from SS 2013 as our template and then used a black and white stretch cotton blend to make this a very cool and contemporary gown.

 (This is the original EDWINA dress from SS 2013)

 And this is Bobbi's version of the dress...


The dress on Bobbi's zipper broke just hours before the wedding. I was in Montreal and couldn't do anything about it but feel like a total dick.

It all worked out okay when Bobbi's friend arrived and sewed her into the dress!

But more about THAT in a blog to come...

Photos by Sharalee Prang Photography

Emily's Dress

I didn't know Emily until I ran into her in Victoria months after her wedding.

It was actually Mary, the owner of Blush Bridal in Victoria, BC that first saw the LUNA dress and thought it would make the perfect wedding gown for a bride she knew (Emily).

The original LUNA dress from SS 2015 was made with bamboo linen

For Emily we made it up in a double-crepe silk and it turned out beautifully...

I loooove the way it flows in the silk...

Photography by Fragment of Light Photography

Kibby's Dress

I've known Kibby since I was five or six. We went to elementary school together and she was the best friend of my best friend's little sister (take a minute to digest that).

Basically I grew up giving her wedgies and covering her in ridiculous I was glad to know she'd forgiven me.

Kibby was having a bitch of a time trying to find something for her wedding and really loved the LUNA dress (see above) but wanted a lower neckline, a low-back, and spaghetti straps.

So here's what we did:

The skirt stayed the same as the LUNA dress and we designed a V-neck front and low back with a lace overlay and spaghetti straps.


Pretty perfect for a beachy Ucluelet wedding...

 Photography by Caity McCulloch Photography

So that's that about wedding gowns.

I'm working on one for a June wedding which is linen and will be the first wedding dress I've made WITH POCKETS (!!!)

If you're interested in EF for your wedding, let me know ;)




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