Q&A // Meet Bobbi

This week, meet Bobbi Salkeld.

You may remember Bobbi from an post a few weeks ago about some of the wedding dresses I've been working on.

Bobbi and I designed a really bad-ass black and white colourblocked gown for her January nuptials.

This dress is one that I love because it was inspired by my personal favourite - the 'EDWINA' maxi dress (from the spring/summer 2013 collection).

Anyway, I want to share with you some more photos from Bobbi's wedding day, plus a Q&A with Bobbi herself.

BTW, all photos are by Sharalee Prang

Over to Bobbi...

Had you always dreamed about your wedding day and/or the dress?  
Nope! Even after being around so many weddings professionally, I never saw myself in mainstream bridal wear.  It was often too glitzy and strapless for my taste.  

What was the most important thing to you when you were looking for a dress?I simply wanted to feel like myself on my wedding day.  I didn’t want to be uncomfortable. I wanted people to say, “That’s so Bobbi.”


What did you enjoy most about having a dress made for you?
Knowing that I feel like myself in Eliza dresses (I already owned 3 EF dresses and wore them for my work), I had tremendous confidence in the fit and style.  
I loved the collaboration. When I said to you, “Do you think we can work some black into the dress?” and your face lit up, I knew it was going to be perfect.  


The zipper broke 2 hours before the ceremony – describe what thoughts went through your head in that moment.
When I realized it wasn’t an easy fix – a fix we could only manage with extra help – my brain went blank for a few seconds.  I maintained a little bit of cool realizing that, although I was on the verge of panic, I had the resources through friends to fix this.


How did you remedy this near disaster?
First I called you (in Montreal!).  Maybe I just needed to say out loud what had happened. Then together with my bestfriend, sister, and photographer (also a good friend) we realized that I needed to be sewn right into the dress.  
Long story short, my dear friend Jenn, a brilliant problem solver and seamstress, rushed to the hotel with her sewing tackle box and her change of clothes for the wedding. Within an hour or so I was sewn in.  Although we didn’t have time for extra photos by the beach, we made it to the church on time!  


You’ve ‘married’ a lot of couples (Bobbi is wedding officiant and minister) so you’ve probably seen a lot of things go wrong or really right. What do you think is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from attending all of these weddings?
Surround yourself with the people who are good at their jobs.  And if you have friends who do those jobs, involve them!  It’s incredibly fun to work on a project like a wedding with friends.


I would consider you an alternative bride (in that you wanted simplicity
and not a huge fuss on your wedding day).

Do you have any advice for brides that don’t feel like going the traditional route?
Ask good questions about what’s really important to you, your partner, and the people you involve.  We didn’t have a guestbook, a sit-down meal, party favours, attendants, or posed photos with lots of people.  This cut out piles of stress and allowed us to focus on what was important to us: a unique and meaningful ceremony, a stand-up reception at an engaging venue (museum), and a photojournalistic approach to capturing the day.
Listen to yourself and your soon-to-be spouse.  Choose the traditions that have meaning to you.  Leave the rest behind.  


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