Oscars Fantasy Dress-Up

February 29, 2016


I'm usually disappointed by the Oscars red carpet because its the one red carpet that all actors decide NOT to take risks on.

Yes, they all look bloody amazing, obviously...but safe. And safe does not make for an exciting red carpet. (For that, see all of the pre-Oscar Party red carpets)

So this year, I played fantasy dress-up with the leading ladies. Because obviously, they should all be wearing EF ;)

Here they are, if I had my way with them...

Cate Blanchett wore a seafoam Armani (I predicted this colour, FYI!) The dress itself I felt was kind of snoozy but Cate is so damn poised and graceful that she makes everything look NEXT LEVEL.

Still, I think the sleek seafoam Arora maxi dress from AW14 woulda been SO much cooler ;)

J.Law wore a feathery Dior frock that left me feeling a bit bored. The woman's body is so bangin' I think she should keep it sleek ... like in my grey Edwina dress from SS 2013

Alicia Vikander wore a lemon puff Vuitton. I loved the colour and kind of love/hated the dress...only because she usually takes way bigger risks.

I put her in my organza-lined Venice dress with pockets from SS15. Better!

Rachel McAdams wore a seriously wrinkled green slip dress by August Getty to the Oscars last night. She looked nice, and I dig that she wore a lesser known designer...but wrinkles? Oh dear. If you're gonna get wrinkly, choose linen, Rachel!

I put her in the linen Louisa dress from SS14. 

Rooney Mara always kind of looks the same - sleek, slightly gothic, and always in a whitish-grey frock.

I chose the Arora dress from AW14 for Rooney. It's slightly Wednesday Adams which I think her gothic side would be down with.


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