Trippin' with Berkley

When Berkley told me she was going on a road trip with her two best friends down the coast of California, I immediately envisioned the three of them in soft pink LOLA tops, hanging out all matchy-matchy and care-free.

Luckily, I'd had my eye on the softest pink linen at a fabric store in Montreal and so I immediately stopped by and bought all three rolls of the fabric (the owner was happy to see this colour go).

I quickly whipped up three pink LOLA tops anyway and sent them to Berkley to take on her road trip.

Here are the snaps from that trip:

I love this series: Berkley at In - N - Out Burger

And in case you're wondering about Berkley...she's a super fantastic photographer and friend from BC who take really beautiful photos of her friends, family, and travels around the pacific north-west.

Her Instagram page is one worth following and it's where I go when I need some magical BC vibes.

You can find her on Instagram @berkleyvopnfjord or peruse her website for more inspiring goodness @

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